Handover of Power - Global Version

There are countries in the world with different levels of development. The global version makes it possible for all countries on earth to achieve the same standard of living within the shortest possible time without having to lower the level in any one country. In developing countries, growth rates between 10 and 20 percent of the gross domestic product can be expected, in industrial nations between 5 and 10 percent. This book series provides help for self-help through a sophisticated plan that has its greatest effect as an overall concept.
Even indebted states are given concepts for debt restructuring and for building up a self-sustaining economic cycle without money. The economic forms of the planned and barter economy are particularly suitable for developing the indebted countries of the Third World quickly, without the help of other countries.
Even countries without special mineral resources or raw materials are able to produce sufficient energy and food for themselves through various concepts. Since there is no water, sun or wind anywhere on earth, one element is sufficient to replace the others and still make the land or water fertile.
The global version is made for all countries in the world, except member states of the European Union (EU). The EU is already a continental union of states, which requires special handling. For the rest of the countries of the world, it is easier to unite democratically in the form of a continental union.
What is special about this is that the states do not have to have the same economic power or be governed democratically. Only those laws, authorities and ministries that are better enforced jointly than individually on a continent are administered jointly. The peoples of the participating states can determine in votes how fast they want to move forward in this.
The global version pays special attention to cultural peculiarities in a continental region. Usually it is religions that have shaped people’s ways of life so differently that they are still too different to live together in a federal state. With the help of cultural protection areas in the size of cities or small states, minorities can be protected. With the help of continental unions, majorities can unite to form a federal state that encompasses an entire continent. In the long term, all continental unions of the earth should unite to form the united states of the world. The peoples of the earth will determine the time for this in votes as soon as the first generation is ready.

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1: Summary

3: Constitution

4: State Organisation

8: Planned Economy

9: Social Market Economy

10: Barter Economy

11: Free Market Economy

16: Infrastructure

19: Foreign Affairs

20: Integration