Life in the new world

Life in the new world

This novel provides a completely new perspective on the non-fiction series „Handover of Power“. The many reforms described are experienced here through the characters. A special feature is that all the chapters mentioned in the various volumes are also labelled with endnotes. This allows readers to quickly and easily find the relevant chapters in the respective volumes. This innovative approach to presenting factual content in a fictionalised world combines fiction and academic literature in an unprecedented way.

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While the non-fiction series describes the political reality with all its problems and challenges for future generations and offers detailed solutions, the novel takes a different approach. This path gives readers a similar amount of hope for a better future, but only mentions current problems in passing or in retrospect when they have already been overcome. Instead, fate offers the characters in the novel plenty of pitfalls, unfortunate coincidences and human failures, just as real life plays out.

Hardly any political problems are mentioned or solved in the novel; instead, life presents these challenges. Many characters, especially the main character, have a very difficult start in life, suffer strokes of fate and celebrate successes that can happen at any time – regardless of the time or political world you live in. The solution-orientated non-fiction series serves as a model for the political system in which the novel is set. This new world turns the state and its politics into a servant that provides help and advice to everyone in all situations. Like an organism that lovingly cares for its cells, which dedicate themselves to its survival, this is how humanity treats its people.

Mistakes happen just as much as fortunate circumstances. Personal sensitivities cause discord just as much as they inspire shared achievements. An unprecedented freedom is described, the ability to achieve anything in life and to finally expel the shackles of envy, violence and cumbersome bureaucracy from the man-made system.

Let yourself be inspired by the new lightness of being, a togetherness in peace, voluntary demarcation, justice and a self-determined life. Look forward to a new world that is within our grasp, if only we want it. Where there is a will, there is a way. The shortest route to people who want to live their lives in a similar new world is to use the contact form below or the portals on social media. I invite you to become part of the movement that dares to set out and find friends and joy in the process.

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If you would like to make the contents of the book „Handover of Power“ come true, in whole or in part, together with other like-minded people, I offer you several possibilities with this contact form.

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